Cirkul very much has the environment at the front our mind. Our cartridges are made of recyclable material but we advise everyone to check with their local jurisdiction on recycling regulations.

One Cirkul flavor cartridge (Cirkul Sip) is equivalent to six 20 oz. bottled beverages - that's a 98.8% reduction in shipment weight and 99.6% reduction in shipment volumes. To put that in perspective, 1 truckload of Cirkul cartridges is equivalent to 25 truckloads of a standard 20 oz. bottled beverage! This dramatically decreases carbon emissions which has a greater impact on the environment.

Taking care of the environment is part of our core ethos and a value we take very seriously. Our cartridges are recyclable and we are always working to reduce the amount of plastic in every cartridge. Each of our cartridges is the equivalent to 6 bottled beverages, so it's already a lot less plastic, but the biggest impact our product has is the reduction of the carbon footprint of bottle beverages.

Our cartridges reduce the shipping weight and volume of bottled beverages by about 99%. That means many less trucks and much less fuel are required to ship our beverages than a standard bottled beverages. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint and thereby environmental impact of our technology. We're always working to ensure we do everything we can to make our products more environmentally friendly!

To recycle your Sip please follow the steps below:

  1. Pull the cartridge top apart from the cartridge bottom
  2. Remove the flavor pouch & spout from the cartridge bottom
  3. Dispose of flavor pouch
  4. Recycle the cartridge top & bottom.