Frequently Asked Questions

Using the system is incredibly easy:

1 - Remove the Stage cartridge from package

2 - Shake the cartridge well

3 - Thread onto the Cirkul cap

4 - Fill bottle with water and thread on the cap

5 - Use the dial to adjust the flavor and electrolyte consumption

6 - Enjoy and make sure to recycle when done!

TIPS FOR BEST PERFORMANCE - Shaking the cartridge in between fill ups helps our electrolyte packed formula flow best. Also make sure that the small silicone valve under the cap has a fully cut "X" in it, high quality silicone has a knack for healing itself!

Once opened, you can leave a cartridge right on the bottle. It is not recommended to store below 40°F or above 90°F for extended periods of time.
The Cirkul cartridge flavor dial enables a customer to get anywhere from 1 to 20+ bottles from one cartridge. Our flavors were designed based on a flavor setting of 5 - 7, which based on normal usage patterns will provide 4 bottles of flavor.

Since consumption varies by user, the easiest way to measure your electrolyte intake is to divide the amount of electrolytes in one cartridge by the average number of bottles you are getting from a single cartridge.

Example, if you use a setting around 8-10 and get two bottles from one cartridge then you are consuming half the electrolytes in a cartridge per full bottle of water. 

The "Dial Your Performance" chart can be used as a reference to help you get started.

We engineered the cap to be functional and added some simple instructions to the "bridge" that connects it to the mouth piece.

1 - From the closed position, you can press this bridge to pop the cap open, allowing for one handed operation.

2 - This bridge also has a slit down the center, which allows it to be clipped over the fin on the dial to hold it out of the way.

If the cap is too cumbersome, you can simply cut it off with a pair of sharp scissors. 

If you are experiencing a vacuum in the bottle after taking a sip it means the small air valve is stuck closed.

1 - Remove the lid and flip it over.

2 - On the underside you will see a small rubber valve, simply manipulate this with your fingers a bit to pop it open.

3- Reinstall your lid and this valve should allow air to flow into the bottle while drinking and prevent any vacuum from occurring.