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Bob Murray

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Stage Hydration Endurance Formula is the result of over 30 years of exploring the science of hydration. Bob Murray, PhD, FASCM, is the father of our formula and has devoted the majority of his life to studying this science and is considered one of the key players in our modern day understanding of hydration science and products.

Dr. Murray co-founded and Directed Gatorade’s Sports Science Institute for 23 years, working with elite athletes on the forefront of exercise science and hydration research. You know the phrase “replaces what is lost in sweat”?... this is the research where that came from.

Hydration Made Easy: The Cirkul System

Our Endurance Formula cartridges plug into the The Cirkul System — the ultimate hydration tool for athletes that want efficiency, flexibility, and convenience.
  • adjustable hydration goals
  • seamlessly switch between water and Endurance Formula
  • Convenient size and format
  • Bottle stays clean
  • reduce plastic use by 84%
The Cirkul Hydration System

Dial in Your Performance

Adjust your cartridge to customize your electrolyte flow. A higher setting means more electrolyte consumption. Each cartridge can last from 1 bottle to 20+ bottles depending on your performance and hydration goals.
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