Introducing the Cirkul System

In a certain way, we worked backwards to get to Stage. We'd been connected with the Cirkul technology and as early users we realized how impactful it could be for athletes, especially in endurance sports. We had recognized that standard one-size fits-all approach that most hydration products take is flawed and that the Cirkul technology would let set Stage Hydration apart as the most efficient, user friendly, and convenient product on the market  

We knew from experience that the traditional approach--develop a powder or gel and let customers mix it into their water themselves--made it nearly impossible to dial in the exact mixture of water and electrolytes needed to stay hydrated while on the road. Years of experience fumbling with powders and gels taught us that asking our customers to mix their own electrolyte solution was never going to meet our bar for convenience, especially mid-workout.

When we found Cirkul and quickly realized that they had already done all of the leg work. It was instantly clear that Cirkul Sips could provide the Control, Convenience, and Cleanliness we knew our product needed to deliver the perfect all-in-one solution that we were hoping for from Stage Hydration.


Thanks to the revolutionary technology in Cirkul Sips, Stage is completely customizable to an individual’s needs. Cirkul technology keeps the Stage cartridge--and it’s electrolyte mixture-- isolated from the reservoir of your water bottle, keeping them separate until you take a sip. This technology delivers some key advantages over other products. By allowing you to dial in different proportions of electrolytes to water, Stage empowers athletes to experiment with electrolyte dosage to determine exactly what works best for them. We also wanted a variety of flavors so you can switch up the taste of your electrolytes on the fly so you never get bored of any one flavor profile.

Each of our hydration needs varies from workout to workout, the Cirkul technology enables you to develop different protocols for your long rides, short runs, and everything in between. This kind of customization has simply never existed before Stage, so we think it’s an absolute gamechanger. It moves hydration solutions from “Jack of all trades, master of none” status to a level of precision and variability that empowers each of us to get the electrolytes we need, when we need them, from a customizable, portable, and reliable system.


Staying hydrated during a workout requires two basic things: fluid, or pure water, and electrolytes to replace some of what is lost in sweat during exercise. Many people think pushing fluids alone is enough to stay hydrated, but the reality is that water by itself is great at quenching your thirst, but not so great at keeping you adequately hydrated during exercise. When you drink water alone during exercise, your body prompts you to drink less and excrete more, putting you at an increased risk of dehydration. What we need is the flexibility to adjust the ratio of water and electrolytes, and this is why so many of us have carried two bottles - one with electrolytes and one without. 

Thanks to the technology in Cirkul, a simple twist of the Flavor Dial on the Stage cartridge allows you to move from Level 9, which is a high-dose of electrolytes, to Level X, which is pure water. It's the only product on the market allows you to move that seamlessly between pure water and electrolytes in the same bottle, and we believe that level of convenience truly separates us from the competition.


The Cirkul system is vastly superior to other products on the market in terms of cleanliness for two reasons. First, Stage keeps your water bottle far cleaner than other pre- and self-mixed solutions by holding the electrolyte mixture separate from the water reservoir until you take a sip. This separation means the only thing that’s ever in the bottle itself is pure water, so you do not have to wash your bottle multiple times per day or between drinks. This keeps the bottle fresh for longer and eliminates the offensive residue that is left behind by most electrolyte replacement products.

Second, because the Stage mixture is isolated to the Cirkul Sip cartridge, there is no need to scoop wispy, messy powder into your water bottle every time you need it. Just screw in the Sip cartridge, twist the Flavor Dial to your chosen level, and enjoy. No more spilled powder or sticky gels to contend with, just a twist of the cartridge and you’re on your way!

At the end of the day, no matter how perfect we made the formula for Stage, if it wasn’t easy to use, customizable, and clean it would have been an inferior product. Fortunately, the revolutionary technology packed into each Cirkul Sip allows us to deliver the perfect dose of electrolytes, dialed into your individual needs, in a sleek, easy-to-use package.

We truly think Stage is a gamechanger in the world of electrolyte replacement solutions!