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When we set out to design the ultimate hydration product, we made a commitment to throw out the status quo and absolutely never compromise.
We don’t believe the world needs another incremental, copy-cat solution. We developed the ideal hydration formula, informed by decades of research, and combined it with the leading innovation in beverage delivery technology.
About Stage

Backed by Science

Stage Hydration’s Endurance Formula was developed by Dr. Bob Murray a leading expert on the science of hydration and performance. Our formula and approach to delivery is the result of nearly 40 years of research and science.
The Science

Hydration Made Easy

The Cirkul System is the ultimate hydration tool for athletes that want efficiency, flexibility, and convenience.

Convenient Cartridges

Endurance Formula is delivered through a Cirkul cartridge that enables you to easily adjust the electrolyte concentration and flavor intensity on the fly.

The Cirkul Bottle & Lid

Our Starter Kits come with a Cirkul lid and the Stage double-walled insulated bottle. The bottle is BPA free, recyclable, and fits in standard bottle cages. Like a bottle you already use? No worries as the Cirkul lid fits many standard bike bottles.

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Get Started for Less Than $30